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The Presence of Objects

The Still Life Paintings of Joel Greene


As a New Mexico Modernist Joel Greene has consistently celebrated the evolution of

form, color and composition in his Landscape paintings.  So too in this unique

selection of Still Life paintings created during a period in his artistic career where he

delighted in the structure and form of Cubism, employing its discipline to create

works of exceptional beauty, masterful composition and poetic narratives around

simple, everyday objects.

The Ernesto Mayans Gallery, now in its 35th season  is delighted to present this

selection of Joel Greene's Still Life painting from 1988 - 1998.

#34 Still Life with Tomato  17" x 24"

#269 Still with Candle  18" x 24"

#33 Still Life  22" x 30"

#225 Pilsner Glass, Orange & Pipe  17" x 24"

#249 Blue Tile  40" x 23.5"

Museum and Public Collections:

Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe,  Harwood Foundation, Taos,   Roswell Museum and Fine Art Center, Roswell,  UNM Museum, Albuquerque,  Highlands University Library, Las Vegas, NM,  Arizona State University, Tempe,  and University of West Virginia Fine Arts Museum, Morgantown


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