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Suzanne Deats and John Ressler

On November 10th, the Ernesto Mayans Gallery hosted Suzanne Deats and John Ressler for PEACE: A VISUAL PROSE POEM IN TEN STANZAS, celebrating Suzanne's 80th birthday. A life-changing project, PEACE is a poem appearing in the languages of English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, accompanied by the photographs of John Ressler. These meditations on the subject of peace appear beside photographs which embody it; in doing so, the two mediums communicate with and even become one another. Future versions of this book are forthcoming which will feature four new languages, and eventually every language in the world in an attempt to spread this work and peace itself in consciousness and in the tangible world. 

Signed copies of PEACE are still available at the Ernesto Mayans Gallery for $10, including tax, plus shipping and handling. 

Photo by John Ressler.

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