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Nandi Makala

Constellation XXIII.jpg
Constellation XXVIII.jpg

Nandi Makala is known for her magnificent watercolors and unique approaches to textile. Her
work meshes together a collection of materials such as fabric, feather, and threads with
embroidery, stitching, and crochet. Through the use of this hybrid medium, she explores the
dichotomy between the hidden and the revealed in relation to her

identity, roots, footprints and memory.


Heavily inspired by the stars and the ancient practice of mandala, Nandi's wish is to work on
the universal sacred feminine--to represent, in her own way, the feminine connection that
unifies us all--and to pass through her creations a feeling of taking back our inner power and
especially to share and reconnect with our light. Nandi's paintings, textile,and designs are
are felt by their material, color, and light-she often uses gold leaf, gold thread, and gold.

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