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María de Echevarría,

María de Echevarría, Joy of Dancing, acrylic on canvas, 20x20 inches


María de Echevarría, Street Dancers, acrylic on canvas, 20x20 inches

"My paintings start from an intense need to paint. Nature, lines and colors spark
that need. I have a tendency to reduce details and to use a controlled number of
colors. As the work progresses, so also is the relation between what is emerging
on the canvas and myself.

"Always of great concern to me are the light and the “soul” of the painting. The
texture, the agreement of lines and the way the colors work with each other are
equally important, and I continue working until the painting pleases me.
I often sit with my paintings for long periods of time, when they are in progress
and also when they are finished. I feel they are part of me, and it is moving to see
my work become a part of other people’s lives and a link between me and the
other person."

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