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   Anne Devine

ANNE DEVINE  studied Drawing and Painting at Glasgow School of Art graduating in 1981 with her BA Hons Degree in Fine Art.


An award winning artist, she  received The  J.D.Fergusson Travel Award to visit America in 2004 and the Scottish Arts Council Development Grant in the same year.

With assistance from the Scottish International Education Fund she visited Italy in 1999 to exhibit her Seven Last Words of Christ From  the Cross following their installation in 1998  at the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Scotland.


She  has  exhibited widely in the UK and  Internationally in Germany and Italy, and the USA . Participation in juried exhibitions in America which include the Bradley International brought her further awards and had her first solo show in the USA at the Beaver Street Gallery, Arizona in 2005.


 Her work is in private and public collections to include: the Demarco European Art Foundation, and the Perth Museum and Art Gallery, Scotland and the Peyton Wright Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico.


She is also part of an artists collective in Scotland called 6Degreeswest and works on specific projects with them throughout the year; with their first residency together on Inch Kenneth Island, Scotland in 2011 and more recently in May 2015, on the Isle of Erraid, funded by Creative Scotland. 


At present she lives between Glasgow, Scotland and  Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She is represented by the Peyton Wright Gallery and the Ernesto Mayans Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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"Through the life and process of the paint itself and being an artist creating work there is a direct connection for me between the physical and spiritual, which I call the inner and outer landscape. This is the core element of my work at present and is born out of the very process of painting and drawing and living my creative life."


                                                                                               Anne Devine


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